My First Day Hike of 2021

My wife and I love to hike on the weekend.  We have our favorite trails to hike as well as a fairly short list of new places we would like to visit and because we live in Kentucky, we have a wide variety of terrain to choose from.

Kentucky has dozens, if not hundreds, of named waterfalls which make for a great experience throughout the season. (For me, the season is essentially March through December/first snowfall)  Over the last 2 years we have been to many and have many more to go.

On March 6th, we did two short hikes.  The first was to Princess Falls in McCreary County.  This is a single drop fall about 13 feet high and the trail is about 2.9 miles in and out.

Both on the way out to and back from the falls I managed to step in a runoff creek.  I always wear our Mid-Weight Merino Wool Quarter Socks with my trail running shoes when I hike easy trails.  One of the great things about Merino Wool is how quickly it dries so I wasn't concerned about having foot problems on the hike.  An added bonus is how well these socks cushion your feet when you are descending the hills on the trail.

The second hike that day was to Yahoo Falls, also located in McCreary County.  Yahoo Falls is a single drop fall of 108 feet.  The trail we took is easy, dry, and fairly short.  (There are several trails to the falls)

As with many KY falls the trail will take you to both the top and bottom of the falls.  Pictures don't give you a real appreciation for how tall these falls are but this picture is from the top of the falls looking down:

This was a great pair of hikes to kick off the 2021 season and I am looking forward to many more this year.

Donny - EchoGorge

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